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Our Focus

Hiring a resource is more than a CV, traits like effort, attitude,  and fit require measurement.

Having worked in the teleradiology/ telemedicine industry in various capacities including within startup and established organizations, we can ‘measure’ those traits to allow us to present you the ‘right’ resource for the position.  

Teleradiologists Staffing

Depending on your needs, there is a wide range of expertise that can be tapped into so that the highest-level of patient care is being delivered.


MSK, Body, Neuro, Mammo, Pediatric fellowship training can make all the difference in the specificity of the directive of care for a patient.


There can be a large learning curve for a radiologist to work via tele versus working in a facility and it can have a major impact on their output.


Leverage non-traditional markets such as Occupational Medicine where specialized reads are required for NIOSH ‘B-Reads’ and Age of Injury.


To keep your turnover rates as low as possible, it is important to measure these areas.  Engaged radiologists mean easy on-boarding without extra pressure put on your support staff. 

Successful Teleradiology Practices require professional resources who understand the ‘nuances of tele’ to maintain quality.

Using our propriety processes we will find the resource that meets your needs. A great resume is only one part of the evaluation process.  

PACS Administrator & Support team

For any growing practice to be successful, these positions are essential for not only day-to-day management but ongoing compliance requirements.  Without them, you are likely losing productivity daily.

HL7 Integrations

If your telepractice is still faxing reports you are likely losing opportunities as most clients today are demanding the reports file electronically into their own system.

Cloud infrastructure

Technology continues to o rapidly advance, and you need a resource who understands your best options from a cost and compliance perspective.

project managers
& trainers

Deploying a new system or just need to support an existing one. These roles are vital to making sure it is done correctly and in an efficient manner.

PACS/RIS Admins, HL7 Integration, Compliance, and Cloud Professional Staffing

Teleradiology practices requires having a team of highly skilled professionals beyond the radiologists to keep your company stable, compliant, and focused on growth.

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relevant experience

Learning curves can limit someone effectiveness because of the nuances of teleradiology.  In some cases not understanding can put your practice at risk.


Healthcare requires that systems are designed to address compliance bodies such as HIPAA/HITECH, The Joint Commission, or NIST/FIPS. Primary goal is to protect your business and the ePHI that you have to interact with daily.


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Our goal is to foster a long-term relationship with your organization. Give us a chance and you can be the next one on the board below.  

Client Testimonials

Dont’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

“We have been working with this team and our current level of success would NOT have been possible with our Porter’s help.”

Drew Gaudet

Premier Radiology Services

since 2010

“They understood what our needs were a as a Radiology Infrastructure provider and we could not be happier with the resources the provided us.”

Heather Burdine


since 2018

“Training and experience are NOT the only thing that matters when filling a radiologists position, they must fit the style of the practice, and Porter gets that.”

Dr Gary Dent

South Georgia Radiology Assoc.

Since 2019

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